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and tradition .

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offers world class facilities for everything from logistic support ,telecommunication

,accommodation ,education, healthcare and even leisure .The  best epicentre of  commerce in the world .along with its business friendly climate has made Dubai the definite choice of international investor for a long time. well connected with the world by public transportation .

Dubai is the most exciting city in the world. Strategically locates at the crossroads of the three continent with  easy access to 1,8billion population.  

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弊社顧問弁護士 Dr オマール カタイバ


AlKhataibeh Center for Arbitration , Law &Legal training

Dr Omar Al-Khataibeh 



Al Khataibeh Center for Arbitration ,Law and Legal Training was established 

in Amman - Jordan at 14/8/2004 .

The partner of center are Dr, Omar Al Khataibeh and Tayser Al Khataibeh , and it has a team of Lawyers and fully experienced in various cases and administrative  

The center deals with arbitration ,complicated  law cases ,legal training , trade disputes , We also  providing specialized  business advices  for  business trading and company set up . 

Our each clients are both domestic and International corporations NGO and  Government .